Friday, February 8, 2013

I bought a blaster

I went to the local Wally World last night and picked up a Series 1 blaster to prepare for the big snow storm. I was shocked by the amount of Blue Borders that came in the box (20 to be exact) if you are chasing any of those let me know and we can make a trade, as I am pretty much sticking to the base set.

I also have these for trade from the blaster box:

I also got an Emerald Jon Jay #224 and a Gold Vernon Wells #210 0435/2013 for trade.

Stay warm out there!!


  1. Pretty good box, the golds are hard to come by.

    I'm working on a project, collecting all the Blue Jays I like with colored borders. Let me know if you found any.

  2. I have a blue border J.A. Happ. Yours if you want it.