Monday, October 22, 2012

A New Project

I love baseball history and I am a very nostalgic person. I am mainly a set builder and I have been thinking of a way to showcase some cards while perserving some history along the way.  So I had an idea of showcasing some cards with league leaders in the major statistical categories, HR, RBI's AVG., Wins, SO, Saves, etc.and placing them in individual albums.

To further explain lets look at the 1979 Home Run Leaders:

1. Dave Kingman     48
2. Gorman Thomas  45
3. Mike Schmidt      45
4 Jim Rice               39
5. Fred Lynn           39
6. Don Baylor         36
7. Ken Singleton     35
8. Dave Winfield     34
9. Bob Horner        33

 So in my Home Run book I would have a page like this that represents the 1979 HR leaders.

You then could turn the page over and see the Home Run stats each player had in 1979. And there would be similar pages for the other years. This gives me the opportunity to chase some more cards and recognize some very good players. 

The only problem I have is determining what stats to do and what year to start. What do all of you think? Anybody else doing this?

Sunday, October 21, 2012

eBay Mail Bag #2

While searching for some Stargell cards, I came across the 1971 Topps coins. I had forgotten all about them. I remember a trading friend from my youth having a ton of these.

I picked up about 20 of them in a few auctions, but these are the highlights.  I have forgotten how fun subsets were.

eBay Mail Bag #1

While I am waiting for another card show to come along, I have made a few purchases on eBay.  I am a big fan of the cloth stickers from this years Archives, so I picked up this lot of 1977 Topps Cloth stickers.

Not sure if I am going to chase this set or not. But nonetheless I think they are pretty cool.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Mail Bag

I recently signed up with and bought my first cards. These beauties just arrived in the mail.

Again I mostly collect Topps and few odd balls releases, but I couldn't pass up some Willie Stargell history, especially this time of the year. I have some great playoff memories of Pops and these will be nice additions to my Stargell book.

My experience with Checkoutmycards was pretty good. I have mixed feelings, but with the limited amount of shops and shows in my area, this is a nice alternative. I was wondering what the community thinks of it?