Saturday, September 29, 2012

My apologies and I am back!

I want to apologize to everyone who reads this blog, as I have not posted in some time. When I started the blog I did not intend to be a "everyday poster", like so many are and I do enjoy their efforts. But at the same time I did not plan to be away as long as I have. Thinks got very busy and life took over.  I did make a few trades (which in the future I will post) and have been ready the blogs almost everyday.

I know that some friends to the blog are having rough times and we need to keep them in out thoughts and some are doing amazing with their goals and collections.  I love this hobby, the friends I have made and I promise to do better.

Last Sunday my son and I went to a very small show. He was able to pick up a couple of Pudge's, some Lions and Steelers cards for his collection and for trading with his friends. I have had a lot of joy listening to the playground trade stories and the excitement, it takes me back.

On to the show. I got these in the 3/$1.00 box. Couldn't pass on a little vintage!

I got these in some dime boxes.  I usually stick to Topps, but I had never seen this card of The Bird and it needed a home in my Fidrych album.

I have started pursing the 1977 Topps Football set and these were nice additions.

I couldn't pass up on this. Perhaps the best power runner of my youth, Mr. Earl Campbell!

Pretty small show, but a good day with the boy!

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