Friday, June 1, 2012

Topps did it right with Archives!

Looks like I got back in the swing of things in a nick of time.  I really like this Topps Archive set. I have bought 3 blasters and have not been disappointed.  My favorite set is the 1980 Topps and with some of these, Topps nailed it. Look at these two cards. An original 1980 Topps card of Mark Fidrych and a 2012 Topps Archive of Alex Avila.

Both of these Tiger images appear to be taken at Spring Training in Lakeland, Florida, 32 years apart. Maybe the trees behind Mark's left shoulder are the same ones behind Alex?

In 1980 George Brett hit .390. He was red hot back in the day and so is this card!

I am collecting the base set, the reprints, the cloth stickers and the 3D cards. Look at my "For Trade" page and maybe we can help each other out.

Happy collecting!

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