Monday, May 21, 2012

Oh Those Crazy Padres

When I think of the San Diego Padres I think of those beautiful brown and yellow jerseys.  The 1980 Topps baseball blog had a great post the other day (click here) on the 1980 San Diego Padres Team Card.

I have looked at that card a hundred times and never noticed the elephants in the background until he pointed it out in his post. He indicated the photo was taken at the San Diego Zoo.

Then I noticed the hay bales they were sitting on.  Hay bales! Really? Major leaguers sitting on hay bales.

So I thought I would look at a few other Padres Team Cards. I was quite amazed at what I found.

I give you the 1979 Topps Team Card.

Whose house is that, Dave Winfield’s maybe?  Was the stadium closed that day? 

And if that wasn’t enough check out the 1981 Topps Team Card.

I think if I was sitting on the end, I would be a little worried of the slide left gag! One might find themselves in the ocean!

Thanks to the 1980 Topps baseball blog, whenever I think of the San Diego Padres,  I will now think of these crazy checklists.

Are there any other crazy team cards out there?

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