Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Contest is now closed.

All I can say is WOW!  Remember that feeling the first time someone gave you a really good deal on a trade, or someone gave you some extra cards just because and wanted nothing in return.  That is how I feel. I am so overwhelmed. I am blown away by the number of comments and shout outs that I have received!

Because of this contest and others giving me shouts outs, (round of applause to those folks). I have increased my blog awareness, learned what others are collecting and made some friends. I love this hobby and this community. It is awesome.

I loved hearing what other people collect, that was very cool. Everybody had something different to share. There was a lot of Dodger Blue out there, but they mixed it up with other stuff. Everyone seems to have a niche. Many player collectors, set collectors, young and old. I also have discovered some very nice blogs in the process. There is a lot of good writing talent out there. I am very excited to be back collecting.

The best part for me was the kind words and support and the hopes of maybe trading at a later date with some of you and possibly creating some friendships.

I will be going through the many emails I got and seeing if we can work some trades out, I plan on replying to each one and again I appreciate the support.

We are part of a truly amazing and generous hobby!

So if you followed me and posted a comment you will get one entry. If you gave me a shout out I will give a second entry.  I had many people just follow me and I appreciate that. I will do another contest in the future with just followers at a later date, maybe when I get to 100.

So with that I say THANK YOU and the contest is officially closed at 7:30 EST.

I will randomize and post the winner tomorrow at noon..... stay tuned!


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    1. Props to you, you generated a lot of traffic my way : )

      Everyone, read his blog. Its a good one!