Saturday, April 21, 2012

I’m back!!!

I have not bought a pack of cards since 1986. There are many reasons as to why I stopped, high school, college, married life and children to name a few. My youngest son is starting to dabble and I think this will be an awesome thing to do together.

So….. It’s official I am back to collecting again!  I have unpacked a bunch of my cards and will start working on completing some “older” sets.  The hard part will be what set(s) to start first.  I will be sure to keep you posted on these developments and I am thinking of posting my want list as well.  I think this will be the best way to get back in to the swing of things as I have a lot of baseball, football and hockey sets that need some attention. And frankly, I am bit overwhelmed with all the different series out there of recent. I have come to realize that some manufactures from my youth have fallen by the wayside and there are some new faces in the game. I will let my son figure out what he wants to collect and encourage him, but for me I think I will stick to the past for now.  There is going to be card show in a few weeks that isn’t too far away and I am looking forward to taking him to that.

I want to think all of the nice bloggers out there for all their great work. I stumbled onto a few and that was what rekindled the fire.  I enjoy reading them and everyone has a great story to tell and to share.

My blog moving forward will entail some collecting stuff, retro and nostalgic stories from the past along with some top 5 and top 10 series that I will share and anything else that comes up that is interesting.  I am looking forward to sharing some more very soon….

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