Thursday, April 19, 2012

How it all began

Let me take you back to 1979. This is the year I discovered sports. Keep in mind we only had the 3 channels at the time.  The evening news and the local newspaper was generally the only place to see sports and those were through quick score updates and brief highlights. Unless there was a premier event on a major network, you probably didn’t see it.  Our social media was being outside, so TV watching was more of a time killer when it was raining or to cold to go outside.

The first sporting event I ever remember watching was the Super Bowl that year between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Dallas Cowboys. Later that year I went to my first sporting event. The town I loved in had a minor league hockey team and I caught a couple of those games and from there  I was hooked on sports.  My friends and I started playing street hockey and football in between riding our BMX bikes and playing bloody murder. 

Later that year I discovered the World Series between the Pittsburgh Pirates and Baltimore Orioles.  Since the Steelers won the Super Bowl I decided to pull for the Pirates, but to this day one of my favorite logo's has been that Oriole bird. 

Of all the other sports I was introduced to that year, there was something about this game of baseball that drew me in like no other.  This game had more sights and sounds to me, more stories within the stories than the others. It seemed so much more calculated and precise than football. Maybe that it didn’t have a time clock and you have to play until someone wins, unlike hockey. It’s hard to describe exactly what one thing that grabbed me that year, but make no mistake, I fell in love with those sports as well and they have things about them that I loved, but baseball, that was my passion.

What are your earliest sports memories?

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